Famously Rotorua

Walking, biking, trekking, equestrian, multisporting, swimming and chilling -
We can sort you out:


Close to lots of cool walks, including The Okareka Board Walk, Blue Lake Walk, Lake Okataina walkway, Redwood Forest trails.


Bring your horses on holiday as well. Paddocks, stables and nearby horse treks plus plenty of parking for floats means you can stay and play with your equestrian buddies.

Mountain Biking

Close to the Mountain Biking Mecca that is Whaka Forest. If you’re hardy bike straight from here, otherwise Longmile Road is 5 minutes drive, Waipa Mountain Bike Car Park 15 minutes. See riderotorua.com

Mountain Biking – going further

To make more from your riding there’s a sneaky shuttle service so you can cruise the upper trail network www.southstarshuttles.co.nz or take advantage of the legendary MTB skills Clinics to up your game mtbskillsclinics.co.nz


We are part of an “100 acre wood” with views to Mt Tarawera from the top of the farm. Enjoy the feeling of space, rural relaxation and lush green bush which surrounds the lake.


A quick ten minute blat into town by car, fifteen minutes to the International Airport, two minutes to the Blue Lake and five to the Landing at Lake Tarawera.